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June 21, 2022

The average truck driver’s workday consists of long hours on the road in an uncomfortable seat, constantly shifting their weight from one side to the other to find some comfort in their seat cushion. With the introduction of memory foam seat cushions specifically designed for truck drivers, those days are over! Truck drivers now have memory foam padding that contours to their body, providing long-lasting support no matter what position they sit in. These specially designed cushions are worth every penny you spend on them, and will make your trips much more comfortable while reducing back pain and preventing muscle strain!

But why do you need to try our new driver's memory cushion?

Seating Comfort

If you’re a long-haul truck driver, chances are you’ve experienced back pain while on the road. And if you’re like most truckers—who drive up to 80 hours per week—that pain probably hasn’t left you much time to think about it. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way; a number of options exist to alleviate those aches and pains. One such affordable and easy option is a memory foam seat cushion.

Back Pain Relief

Truckers face certain health issues that can be exacerbated by long-haul driving. One such issue is muscle soreness and fatigue caused by sitting in one position for extended periods of time. That’s where a memory foam seat cushion comes in. Many seats do not provide much lumbar support, which can be problematic for those who already have back problems. Chiropractors and specialists recommend that truck drivers use a cushion for extra support.

Relief From Numbness

As a truck driver you’re almost always on your butt, sitting for long periods of time. In fact, working as a truck driver can be so painful that many drivers experience chronic back pain. A common complaint among truckers is numbness in their butt, feet and legs from being seated behind their wheel for extended periods of time without getting out of their seat. A memory foam cushion will offer relief and will help improve chronic back pain.

Upgrade an old seat

Over the years, car and truck seats have been designed to be more ergonomic, but they are not made to fit all body shapes and sizes. A seat cushion can make a worn-out seat much more comfortable.


So what are you waiting for...??

If you’re looking for a high-quality memory foam cushiondesigned to fit perfectly in your car or truck seat, you’ve come to the right place. Our cushions are made from memory foam and come with a zippered cover for easy removal and machine washing. We know you'll love our new memory foam truck driver cushions, and your butt and back will too!

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