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December 05, 2022

The Benefits of the TR-90 frame.

The new era of sunglasses has arrived.

In the past few years sunglass frames have evolved with modern technology and at the forefront of this evolution are the TR-90 sunglass frames. Designed as lightweight, flexible, impact resistant sunglasses that are made to protect your eyes as well as to make a fashion statement there is a reason these have become best sellers.
Designed from thermoplastic composition our range of TR-90 sunglasses offer extreme comfort thanks to the flexibility of the material they are designed with.


The TR-90 frames are flexible which reduces the chance they are going to break as they can bend under pressure. Their flexibility also makes them more resilient to damage which makes them a great choice for an active lifestyle which is one of the main reasons they have become so popular.


The TR-90 material composition is made with a thermoplastic that has a very low density making them some of the lightest sunglasses on the planet. But with these frames there is no compromise between weight and strength as they are also some of the strongest frames on the planet as well.


The TR-90 frames are hard to break, bend or scratch which makes them they ideal glasses for anyone who wants a pair of sunglasses that will last the test of time. Designed specifically for adults and children with an active life, they are much less likely to break from bending, dropping or impact

The plastic used in the 
TR-90 frames is heat resistant so there is no need to worry when they get left in a hot vehicle in the Australian sun. They will be just how you left them.

The TR-90 Frame
The material was first created by the Swiss industrial chemical group EMS as a thermoplastic material. The plastic was found to have had some standout features including low density, incredible flexibility, high heat distortion temperature and good chemical resistance. They had created a material that had endless possibilities and the evolution of sunglass technology began. Today the TR-90 sunglass model is one of the most popular on the market for the superior benefits that they offer. so good about TR90 frames

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