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July 12, 2022

It's Time To Celebrate The Rad Dads!

Father’s Day is less than seven weeks away, so it's time to get organised! We know that finding a good gift for Father’s Day can be really difficult, especially with all those “traditional” dad gifts out there that are just, well, boring. So this year, scrap the socks and undies, or the mug he'll never use. We’ve got something special, that he'll be able to use for years and years to come!



The Truck Driver Dad

Get Dad's truck or company logo and name engraved on the front and a photo of his truck on the back. Our log book covers are fully customisable! Handcrafted from high quality buffalo leather, they are built for a lifetime of hard use on Australian Roads!

The Take Note Dad

Is your Dad a bit old school and still writes everything down while he's working? Our customisable clipboard case or refillable A5 notebooks are fantastic choices. Made from quality buffalo leather, our clipboard case is strong enough to hold all of his notes and even fits his tablet or phone too! You can personalise both products with his name or logo / image – either one or both will look great!

The Keep It Simple Dad

Is Dad always looking for a pen or something to write on? Our pocket pads are small enough to fit in his pocket, and will ensure he always has something to write on!

The Forgot His Wallet Dad

Does Dad always use the excuse that he forgot his wallet? Give him something he'll never want to leave behind! Our wallets are made from genuine leather, personalised just for him and made slim to fit in his back pocket. It even has a secret pocket to stash his money away from you!

The Serious Business Dad

Help Dad build his business with a TNC leather business card case! Lots of work can come from word of mouth and the passing over of your business card. We've created a simple leather case that can sit on his dash or in his pocket!

The Keys N Coffee Dad

Looking for a small gift for the Dad who has everything? Why not spoil him with a personalised leather key ring and a TNC coffee cup.


child with father


So those are our to picks for Dad on Father's Day! We hope this helps if you were searching for ideas for that special dad in your life! We are so blessed to have them and can’t wait to give them their special day of celebration in September!

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