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December 29, 2022

Investing in high quality leather cases can pay dividends for years to come with their long lifespan and durability. But to keep your leather products looking brand new, proper maintenance is a must.

Leather cases can handle immense amounts of wear and tear during but to keep that brand new look and feel it is recommended to use a leather conditioner. Leather conditioners are similar to moisturisers and are used to rehydrate the leather to give it that new look and feel. But before you condition your leather you should first check if you need to clean it.

Clean Your Leather Before You Condition It.

If your leather has become visibly dirty from years of use and you want to bring it back to the beautiful looking leather you first bought. It is a good idea to clean any noticeable dirt before conditioning. There are a variety of leather cleaning soaps on the market but always spot test a corner to make sure it is the right one for the leather you have. After you apply the soap, be sure to wipe it dry with a dry cloth. Then you must wait until it is totally dry before you apply the leather conditioner. If you don’t let it dry, the leather conditioner won’t be absorbed by the leather and the product won’t work.

Conditioning Your Leather.

To condition your leather, get their are a variety of options depending on what you are looking for including creams, oils and waxes. Creams provide the leather with moisture, oils help soften the leather and waxes provide waterproofing.

The most important step is to test the product you choose on a small inconspicuous spot somewhere on the leather to make sure it doesn’t cause discolouration.
To do so rub a small amount of leather conditioner into a spot on the leather with a soft cloth. Then wait for 24 hours to see if there has been any discolouration. If it has not discoloured you can then proceed with the rest of the leather case assured that it will turn out how you desire.

We like to use Oakwood Hydrating Leather Conditioner, Dubbin and Neatsfoot Oil depending on which leather product we are conditioning. If you are conditioning a graphic we printed on a leather case for you, be sure to only dab the image with leather oil, as rubbing the oil on will smudge the image.

How Often Should You Condition Your Leather?

Leather should be conditioned every 6 to 12 months when used normally. The amount of time will vary from person to person depending on how much use it gets and how much the leather is exposed to the elements.

Keep Your Leather Journal Out Of the Sun.

One of the best ways to protect your leather is to keep it out of the sun or heat.. Minimising the amount of exposure to heat sources will minimise the amount of time in between reconditioning your leather.

Try To Avoid Getting Your Leather Wet.

If you do get your leather wet, use a towel to blot dry it straight away and then let it dry at room temperature. Once it is dry, condition it with leather conditioner.

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