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June 23, 2021

Customise your logbook cover, YOUR way! 

We've heard it all before 😜😜 "Log books are a pain in the backside!'... 'It's a lie book!"... "Why would I spend money on something I detest!..."

We understand that your not a fan, but the reality is, they ain't going away anytime soon, so why not make it look good!

Treat your logbook just like your truck. You'll earn the respect from the transport authority and you know what ... it'll look bloody good!

If you've been hiding under a rock or just haven't had the time to take a look, our logbook covers come with 5 different options, from plain Jane to totally customised with your name and choice of images or logos on the front AND back! You can check out all of the options here!

How do I customise my log book?

Once you have decided what you want on your logbook and where you want it, the rest is easy!

Pick a standard logo or image

This one is easy - just pick one of the many preloaded images we have available!

Upload the image/s

Want something more personalised? Not a problem! Select "Custom Logo" and "Upload Now" - click choose file and upload your custom image in either JPG/PNG/PDF format and then you are good to go!

Email us the images/s 

Want something more personalised but not sure which image? Or don't have the correct file type?!? We're here to help! Select "Custom Logo" and "Email Later" and flick all of them through to us, noting which image goes where - our designer will pick the best one/s!

But I don't have a pic of my truck or my logo!

That's easy - just take one! We don't need a professional shot or the graphic of your logo, just take one off your phone and send it through. OR .. we can use anything - paintings, graphics, drawings... you name it!


If you are going to email us through your images, please send to info@trucknco.com.au and include your NAME and ORDER NUMBER! Remember... we can't start making your logbook until you send your image/s. 

Want to see how easy it is!?!

Not sure what your images will look like engraved! Here's some recent examples from our amazing customers!

Graphic / Drawing

Photo of best mate!
Logo from photo
Photo of truck 
Photo of truck

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